Big Dimples

Asian (Oriental) American girl with dimples.

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Back when I was young and single I stopped for lunch at a restaurant near my office for lunch one day. I was eating alone but couldn’t help but notice a young family at a nearby table. An adorable little girl about three years old was eating lunch with her parents and struck up a conversation with a grandmotherly gray-haired lady at the next table. The parents beamed as they watched the lively conversation develop. Their beautiful little girl had the attention of almost every patron in the small dining room and you could tell they were proud to share her cuteness. They had no idea that in just a moment they would both flush with embarrassment and they’d wish they could melt into the floor.

The little girl explained to the older woman that she had been to Mother’s Day Out. They talked about all kinds of things and the conversation went on for quite some time. The little girl was more interested in talking to her new friend than in eating her hamburger and began to pick little pieces off the bun. She picked off bits of bread until she had holes in her bread resembling facial features—eyes, nose, mouth. She showed the face to her new friend and squealed with laughter as each feature was identified. But there was a spot on the bun near the mouth and the little girl didn’t know what that could be. “What’s that?” She asked, pointing to the spot beside the mouth.

“Maybe it’s the dimple,” suggested the woman.

“Nymple?” questioned the little girl, “What’s a nymple?”

“Yes. A dimple” explained the woman. “It’s the little dent in your face right beside your mouth. You have big dimples like your daddy.”

After studying the woman with a blank look for a second. The little girl suddenly understood and her face broke into an animated smile. These people were teasing her and she was smarter than that. “Nooooooo,” she countered loud enough for everyone in the dining room to hear, “Daddy’s got little nymples. Mommy’s got great big ones.”

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